My Friend Pastor Paul

This post is to introduce Pastor Paul. Pastor Paul is like one of those people, who, when you meet them you think is this guy for real. I will explain in a bit. Keep reading.

I met Paul at a LCMC yearly conference in Omaha, Ne.. LCMC, Lutheran Churches in Mission for Christ, invites Paul, who is an ordained Lutheran pastor in Myanmar, every year for the past 15 years. Last year, for financial and other reasons, was one of 3 times that he has actually been able to make it. 

My wife and I met Paul when we were on our way to a breakout session after lunch and we stopped by this booth that he had set up. He had this traditional Burmese outfit on display and we stopped to inquire about it. Paul was very enthusiastic and friendly. We only had a few minutes to chat, but after we left I felt compelled to talk with him some more. So I went back to his booth to find him and set up a time that we could meet up and talk. When we got together later that afternoon and started talking we were instantly connected. We sat for forty-five minutes and he told me about himself, his family and his ministry. We laughed and cried together. Afterwards, I told my wife what happened and what we talked about and we felt compelled to invite this perfect stranger, who felt like an old friend, to stay with us for a few days and to speak at our church before he went back home. 

He graciously accepted and we flew him to Chicago to stay a few days with us and we got to know him and his family who we FaceTimed in Myanmar one day. He played the guitar and sang a familiar hymn, ‘God will make a way’, but in Burmese. We spent the day In Chicago and had dinner with my in laws at their house. He was the perfect house guest. When he left to go back home it was like saying goodbye to an old friend.I said earlier that Pastor Paul was someone that after you meet him you just ask yourself is this guy for real. The reason why I say this is, because here in America most Christians, including myself, say that we are dependent on Gods provision and that we trust him to take care of us. The truth though, if we are honest is that we Don’t fully trust God. We might trust the bank account balance and we might credit God for it and then make a budget to pay our bills and our mortgage and to buy groceries so that we know how much discretionary funds we might have to go out to eat or waste on something else we don’t need. Ok, sorry I digress. Pastor Paul on the other hand walks day to day trusting God to provide for him and his family. Each day brings what God provides. 
After knowing Paul for about 6 months now and really getting to know his heart talking with him and working with him to help those in his native land, I can say that he is the real deal. His passion for God’s people to be saved comes out in everything about him. I hope that you will follow this blog and get to know Pastor Paul and the people of Myanmar who he ministers to.

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