You Make A Difference!

****This is a much needed update on the starving people of Myanmar.****YouAre Making A Difference!

About a month ago I started a GoFundMe page to help feed those affected by the Covid pandemic in Myanmar. The lack of day labor jobs because of lockdowns and closures has really threatened the lively hood of the most vulnerable, the poor. With the generous donations of many people we raised over $400 to send to pastor Paul to distribute food parcels to the Christian believers In his house church and some non believers in the surrounding villages.

 So I asked Paul if he could talk to some of his house church members and see how they are doing and if the food parcels are helping. Pastor Paul sat down with three of his congregants in video interviews. Unfortunately, Paul has expressed concern about showing the videos so I have opted to relate their testimonies in written form. Here is an account of how your donations are making a difference.

The first woman pastor Paul talked to, we will call Martha. Martha is an older woman. She sits with a stoic demeanor. She says that she and her family have been with out work for several months now and that they receive no government support. She has a large family with grand children and it has been difficult to survive. They do not have enough food to eat 3 times a day. In fact most days they don’t have enough to eat once a day. But with the food donated and delivered by pastor Paul she says that she is able to feed her family once a day. 

Next, pastor Paul interviews a man we will call John. John is a younger man who looks like he is feeling defeated. He says everyday he goes out in-search of work but no one will hire him, because there are no businesses opened due to the lockdowns. Making survival difficult, but because of the food donations that people have made through pastor Paul my family has been able to adjust to survive a week at a a time.

Finally pastor Paul talks to a joyful older woman from his congregation. She mostly echoed the sentiments of difficulty during the pandemic. However, at the end of her interview she broke into prayer, with tears, for all those who have donated so generously. Asking that God would bless everyone of them richly. 

### If you have not taken the opportunity yet to help advance the kingdom of God and and bring relief to our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world. There is still a need. And you can make a difference here and now.###

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