Igniting The Youth of Myanmar

Pastor Paul has asked me to share an event he hosted last year for the youth in Yangon. At first I wasn’t sure how to go about it, since I have very little to go on. I mean I wasn’t there and only have a short description and some pictures.

When I started looking at the pictures and the videos and talking to Paul about it, I realized that it was a lot like some of the youth events that I have helped with here in the U. S.. Young people are the same all over the world. They seek truth and authenticity. Youth events like this offer young people the ability to meet the one and only Jesus Christ. There is teaching and music and fellowship in the presence of the Holy Spirit. All designed in the hopes of helping  them make a very real connection to Jesus from their head knowledge of who He is to heart knowledge of who He is to them.

Pastor Paul hopes to host another one of these events this year, but with the pandemic it will be difficult. Please lift him and the youth in Myanmar up, that God would provide an avenue and place and the time for such an event to occur. 

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